Twin Peaks Reboot Preview

twin-peaksIt’s back, and even weirder than before!

The residents of Twin Peaks, (now walled off from the rest of the world) is shocked once again, when the body of Barack O’ Palmer washes up, wrapped in plastic.

Sherriff Trumpman, and his team of donuts, are soon on the scene along with a slew of other strange characters, such as, The Log-In Lady. She mutters about her husband, and holds many mysterious secrets, most of em in her private email account..

Watch out for a weird, oddly-spoken little dancing bloke, and not forgetting the scary guy they call Killer Jeb..

Yes, they’re pissing on the beds at the local flophouse, One-Eyed Vlads, whilst up at The Roadhouse, hear haunting songs courtesy of singer, Ted ‘Julee’ Cruz.

So pour yourself a good, strong cup o’ Joe Biden, and enter the most bizarre place in America..

‘‘Sometimes my tiny hands bend back..’’


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