The JAMs

Joyless Authoritarian May’s
Juiceless, Antipathetic Ministers,
Jettison Any Morality,
Justify Austerity Murders.

Just About Managings:
Jejune, Also Moneyless.
Judiciously Accepting Miserly,
Janitorial Autumn Manifesto.

Jesus And Mary!
Jizzragging Abhorrent Mob,
Jackbooted Autocratic Mountebanks,
Jabberwockian Absurdist Monsters –

Johnson’s Awkward Mumblings,
Justine’s Academic Mismanagement,
Jeremy’s Angering Medics.
Jackasses And Muppets!

Joking Aside Mate,
Jarring Abusive Monikers?
Jargonistic Acronyms Misrepresent –
Jilt, Abash, Mitigate!

Preserve the JAMS,
Kick out the Tories.


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