The Politics Of Ennui

No more rants about the government
Jejune, I’ve lost the urge to vent
”Tories Out! Blah blah, bleep bleep”
I even send myself to sleep
So I just dick around on YouTube, watching clips of a slow loris
Sick of Cameron, over Osborne, bored of Boris.

Spent my political two pen-north
My soap-box days, now passed their zenith
So, unmustered be my rage
In a bloodless world of beige
I’ll wander, numb, and wonder not, why injustice keeps prevailing
Jaded with Javid, Gove (yawn), fed up of Grayling.

Local elections, the Dr’s strike
The EU?, do what you like
Can’t be arsed no more, it tedious
They’re all the same, self-serving, devious
Need a hobby, stamps or something, teach myself to play the organ
Had it with Hunt, done with May, weary of Morgan.

Constant protest’s, sooo passe
Better just get on wi’ your day.
But still, that faint nagging twinge, of ire
That fans the flames, that stokes the fire
So ‘I get back up again’ like in that Chumbawamba chorus
Fuck you Cameron! Piss off, Osborne! Do one, Boris!


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