Capita Punishment

Dedicated to the victims of Capita, the bastard sons of ATOS, whose dodgy medical and disability assessments, carried out for the DWP,  were subject of an undercover report on C4’s Dispatches, last night. If you didn’t see it, it’s shocking!

They’re happita treat the disabled like mugs
It’s so crappita think that goes on
They’re scrappita use methods, unfit for purpose
To base their decisions upon.

They’re snappita say someone’s fit for work, but
You’d be sappita believe that it’s savvy
For a chappieta say someone’s ‘too f*****g fat’
When they need some help using the lavvy.

It’s not trappita to shout down their practises, no
It’s not flappita to feel scared and humbled
This Capita punishment has to be stopped
So get yappita tell em, – they’re rumbled!

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