The Disability Assessment Lightbulb Joke

How many Disability Benefit Decision Makers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Our decision is that the light bulb is able and fit enough to change itself, and  therefore does not qualify for assistance at this time. If you disagree with this decision you can write to us, including any new evidence that you wish us to look at, and we will try to respond within 12 weeks.

Q: I do disagree with your decision. It is a light bulb. It cannot move of it’s own free will. It does not have sentient thoughts.I threw the box that it came in away, so am not sure what more evidence I can provide. But it is definitely a light bulb. Therefore I would like the decision looked at again.

A: Thank you for contacting us about our decision. We have looked carefully at the information that you have provided and have not changed our decision. If you do not agree with this decision and wish to appeal, please inform us in writing, no later than 28 days after the date of this decision letter.

Q: I do disagree with your decision. The light bulb is an inanimate object that I bought for £1.65 in a shop. I therefore wish to appeal the decision. To be honest I think you are being ridiculous and hopefully a tribunal will be more sane and sensible than your, not fit for purpose, assessment process. Look, are you quite sure you don’t wan’t to reconsid…Oh just send me the damn form.


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