12 More Things That You Probably Didn’t Know That Bowie Turned Down (Allegedly)

Since his passing, there has emerged a growing list of requests and projects that David Bowie, allegedly refused to have anything to do with.
Here then are 12 more things David is reputed to have turned down..

1. To duet with Don Estelle on ‘Whispering Grass’.

2. To write a song for Turkish Eurovision 1983 hopefuls, Çetin Alp & the Short Waves. They went on to receive nul points.

3. To appear in an episode of Minder, as pop-star Mickey Sparklepowder, a character loosely based on Ziggy Stardust. In the would-be episode, Mickey’s agent hires Terry as a bodyguard in a story line involving local drug dealers who threaten to ‘do over’ Mickey in retaliation for a dodgy deal gone wrong. After Bowie turned it down, the episode was scrapped.

4. To be fired out of a cannon in the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

5. To become a paid assassin for the Genovese crime family in New York, and to take out a hit on the rival Gambino Family’s boss, John Gotti. The reasoning was that Bowie would be the very last person the ‘Dapper Don’ would be expecting to whack him. Bowie wasn’t interested and Gotti was later imprisoned for his crimes.

6. To eat half a worm as a dare.

7. To take part in a Rolling Stone Magazine photo shoot, riding a lion around Lower Manhattan.

8. To wrestle Giant Haystacks at Digbeth Civic Hall in 1976, a challenge that the 42 stone wrestler issued on the popular Saturday afternoon TV show, World of Sport.

9. To endorse a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour called DateFig Bowie. It was to contain dates, figs, chunks of dark chocolate and walnuts. Bowie refused but said, ”I’d sure eat buckets of the stuff though”.

10. To engage in a threesome with Peter Sellers and Yootha Joyce.

11. To finance the Iraq War.

12. To recreate Morecambe & Wise’s famous Singin’ In The Rain sketch, with Nelson Mandela, for Comic Relief. Mr Mandela also refused.

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