Those Three Hurtful Words..

Word 1: Who do they think they are, coming here, taking all our jobs?

Word 2: Tell me about it. I was in a text the other day, and I was the ONLY word there! Surrounded I was. It’s all wrong.

Word 3: And yet they keep bringing more and more in, it’s ridiculous.

Word 2: I had a typo the other day, you know. And I had to wait FOREVER to be corrected. That never used to happen before THEY came here.

Word 1: And the state of some of em. I mean, look at that one, what is it supposed to even be?

Word 3: Dunno, they all look the same to me.

Word 2: Bloody ‘mojis.

Word 1: Careful you can’t call em that, it’s derogatory. They prefer to be referred to as ‘Icons of Expression’. Oooh..

Word 2: Well whatever they are, if we aren’t careful they’ll be taking over EVERYWHERE. Signs, subtitles, even books!

Word 3: What a liberty. It was bad enough with the nonchies

Word 2: The who..?

Word 3: You know, the nonchies, nonchalants, – poncy fonts. Slang innit?

Word 2: Oh yeah, right, but you have to draw a line don’t you?

Word 1: Not literally draw one, obviously. More like, describe a boundary..using words.

Word 2: Well yeah, course, that’s what I meant..



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