A Different David, Another Bloody Eight Line Poem

His cuts attacked us, lives in limbo
Survey the prairie of your gloom
Immobile and thin, with no provisions
A carer puts her head between her hands
They’ve opened Food Banks down the highstreet
Welfare-capped, I can’t find a home
He holds the key, but has no pity
He is the son with hidden tax schemes
on the sly, oh, oh, oh


Clunky Tory: Full Track Listing

Side One
1. Short Changes (the public on a regualr basis)
2. Oh! You Piggy Things
3. Another Bloody Eight Line Poem
4. Life on Andrew Marr’s Show
5. Kooks (the books, when it comes to his tax affairs)
6. Quick, more Sandbags (He cut the flood defense budget)
Side Two
7. Fill Your Pockets (with 500K from private renting, you greedy fucker!)
8. Handy Bolt Hole (for your savings)
9. Song For Boris Johnson
10.Queen Bitch (Working Title For The Margaret Thatcher Museum)
11.The Bullingdon Brothers

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