Blue Tory Christmas (There’s A Guy Works Down The Food Bank Swears He’s Elvis..)

Dedicated to all those suffering at the hands of a ruthless elite, intent on turning the country into one big Disgraceland..

They’ll have a blue Christmas without food
They’ll be so blue just thinking about food
Goose and Cranberries red, on a green veggie bed
Won’t be the same dear, if they’re just in your head

And when those blue Tories start gorging
I wonder, how the fuck did we ever let David and George in?
They’ll be doin’ all right, with their greed and their privilege and spite
Whilst the poor have a blue, blue blue blue Christmas

(I’m dreaming of a Tory downfall
Just like to see them fail, and go..
The Tories have left the building)

But they’ll be doin’ all right, whilst they’re turning the country to shite
Makes me cry to see a blue blue Tory Christmas

Step away from the ham David, step away from the Christmas ham.
Thank you very much..

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