Consider Yourself (Hipster Cereal Killer Mix)

I feel that the Anti-Gentrification demonstrators who attacked The Cereal Killer cafe in Shoreditch recently, should have taken a different approach. Violent protests are not the way.

I suggest next time, a flash mob, song and dance number. Perhaps a re-working of ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver.

I took the liberty of Sound Clouding the lyrics, so please, sing-a–long..


It goes,

Consider yourselves, over-priced
Consider Yourselves, out of touch with the area
We haven’t taken to you, because
Four quid for a bowl of cereal, what a sauce!

Consider yourselves, too dear
And we don’t like that round ‘ere
So after some consideration, we can state
You’re spoiling the atmosphere
With your weirdy beards.


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