If I Sewell’d The World.

RIP Brian Sewell, Art Critic


imagesI did a few radio shows with Mr Sewell, (the inspiration for Fonejacker/Facejacker, Kayvan Novak’s hilarious creation, the white-haired, impossibly plummy art ‘expert’, Brian Badonde), including one called, If I ruled The World, in which he and the late author/presenter/ TV & Radio Producer, Harry Thompson, discussed with guests, things they would make happen, if they did indeed, rule the world. Brian was very keen on my idea of releasing all the birds in Barcelona’s bird market on the Ramblas.

But the most memorable moment came during a pilot for a TV quiz show that we both did..

One round entailed team members picking a number between 1 and 7. They would then have to give that number of answers to a subsequent question, eg: pick number 4, and get Members of The Osmonds. Brian’s turn came, and points were badly needed,  so he chose 6. The question he was then given was,  Name 6 titles of pornographic magazines. Without missing a beat, he came out with the title of an obscure French gay porn mag, that no one else had heard of. Whilst we all cracked up, he assured us, in his unmistakable, ultra-posh tones, that it really was a genuine title. No one doubted him.

He was a delightfully game old boy, indeed..

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