Poem: Serious National Security Threat


AUDIO VERSION HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoC9SinAvBM

The radio’s silent, the TV Set
Shows a message that begins, Sorry, but we regret..
On the doormat, the front page of  The Ealing Gazette,
Serious National Security Threat

The telephone’s dead, and I’m starting to fret
My heart’s palpitating, I’m covered in sweat
I just heard they’re all out of coffee
In Pret
Serious National Security Threat

The old stoner next door was round earlier, upset
He’s down to his last, hand-rolled cigarette
There’s no food in the shops, he says,
May eat his pet
Serious National Security Threat

People Fleeing their homes now, to wherever they can get
Them upstairs, apparently, have friends in Tibet
This wouldn’t have happened with Andy, Liz
Or Yvette
Serious National Security Threat

A faint knock on the door. Am I scared? You bet
See a thin, bearded man, in sharp silhouette
De De Dehhh!’s  being played, on a bass clarinet,
Heralds a
Serious National Security Threat

God save us all, not just the queen in her coronet
There’s a song about her, but the words I forget
Cause I’m scared as a pig at a Bullingdon banquet
Serious National Security Threat

So I’m hiding, crouched down in my cramped kitchenette
I know he’s outside, with his big red rosette
He says all he wants is,
A quick tete a tete,
Yeah, right,
Serious National Security Threat

No thanks, I’m content to be always in debt
On a zero hours contract, and not been paid yet
Or sanctioned and demonized, told I’m useless and wet
Can’t even afford the flat that I let
Too stressed to digest, and popping the Tagamet
Mind always whirling, a mad pirouette
Trapped in poverty, screaming,
By thoughts of ending it, inhaling a gas-jet

Trying to find the words, the vignette
To explain how  it feels, and the way you get ‘tret’
When it’s much more important that targets get met
Than you having a life-line
A security blanket

So, the last thing I need is to get caught
In the net,
Of a
Serious National Security Threat.


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