Youth Are The Quarry

Since his latest budget, George Osborne’s critics have been keen to point out just how unfair, on the country’s youngest citizens, his cuts and policies seem to be. This, coupled with the recent Tory plans to scrap child poverty, by means of simply re-defining it’s criteria, and you can well understand why the nation’s poorest parents are worried for their kids futures.

But now another deeply disturbing cause for concern is emerging, as it has been heavily rumoured that some Conservative MPs are pushing for legislation to repeal the laws banning the latter day sport of Sprog-Hunting. It is even alleged that one Tory MP was spotted recently, raising his fists and shouting ‘Fantastic’  at the suggestion of bringing back the cruel practise of hunting poor children for sport.

Run Daisy, Run

Sprog-Chases, as they were known, were once an accepted part of rural life, popular with the landed gentry. One such meet is depicted here in an oil painting, a famous old master entitled Run Daisy, Run.

Hunters who took part in these events believed it necessary and vital in helping to keep down an over-populous number of street urchins. Sprog-Chasing was said to have been popular with the Royals and now, it seems that pro-hunt advocates would like to see frenzied packs of hounds chasing down their junior quarry, once again becoming a common feature of country life.

So when the chancellor recently announced that his economic recovery measures would include cutting child allowance benefit,for every mother’s third child, concerns were immediately raised over whether this might herald a return to the dark days of old, when impoverished mums and dads were pressured into allowing their youngest born to be hunted for sport, for a small remuneration. Famous anti-blood sports supporters, such as funnyman Ricky Gervais and moody singer Morrissey, have recently spoken out against possibility of repealing the laws relating to illegal Sprog-Hunting.

Could 3rd Born Hunting be set to return?

Could Sprog-Chasing be set to return?

Some anti-hunting campaigners even maintain that the cruel sport has never actually fully disappeared, and that it still goes on, illegally. However, pro-blood-sport factions have always denied these allegations. So,we shall be following the continuing debates with interest. What do you think? Should organized  Sprog-Chases make a comeback?

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