The Equal Marriage Limerick


There once was a bigot from Limerick
Name of Michael, never was there a grimmer dick
Any talk of gay marriage
And he’d start to disparage
Come on, stop being a grumpy old cynic, Mick

There was a young lesbian from Cork
Who loved a lass called Dymphna ‘O’Rourke
They longed to get spliced
But the Champagne’s on ice
After Friday, let’s hope they can pop the cork!

There was an old gay man from Galway
Who met his guy, 30 years back, on holiday
Together ere since
He still calls him ‘My Prince’
Vote Yes! and let them go ‘All The Way’.

There was a same sex couple from Donegal
Whose relationship was simply phenomenal
No more struggles and fights
They deserve equal rights
Happiness should be for one and all

There once was a big referendum
To decide a much needed addendum
To some archaic laws
With an anti-gay clause
The rules are outdated, so end ’em!

One thought on “The Equal Marriage Limerick

  1. To be gay is a wonderful thing
    now that we can Wed our love with a ring
    You will most likely find
    that it’s good for our kind
    To have all the rights of this marriage thing

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