28 Years Later: Red Wedge Comedy Tour -1986

..the tour was not an easy one. Nor was it uneventful. Within our gang were individuals whose Socialist convictions were of virtually every hue of pink and red..

It was 27 years ago, when a bunch of us comedy folk took to the road to make folks laugh, think and vote Labour.

As we all know, the following year, it didn’t pay off, electorally speaking, but we sure had a high old time on and off-stage. Here, from the pages of Well Red Magazine, our countrywide jaunt is reviewed from up close, by Tiny Fennimore, the tour co-coordinator.

Let us also doff our caps in memory of two of the big characters involved: Comedy Agent Addison Cresswell and Road Manager Paul ‘Wizo Wiseman’. Lagers round the back, lads..

And let’s hope this time, 28 years later, we can kick the Tories Out!


redwedgecomedy2   redwedgecomedy3


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