‬Election Night Throwback : 1983..



Gerry Arkwright – Northern Industrial Gay.
Those of you of a certain age, may remember a time when Channel 4 was still committed to innovative programme making. Hard to imagine, in this day of ‘Tenants on Benefits’ type crap, that on Election Night 1983, they broadcast a live one man drama, Keith Allen’s – The Night Watchman, in which he played a character called Gerry Arkwright, the self styled Northern Industrial Gay. Can’t find any trace of that anywhere, but here’s a recording of Gerry Arkwright being interviewed and singing on Station BPR, Allen’s own Pirate Breakfast Radio. It’s about 2.30 in, on the mp3 recording in the link below. I loved it back then, and time has not diminished it..

I wish he was on live tonight, instead of Paxman..



One thought on “‬Election Night Throwback : 1983..

  1. Really enjoyed this. I also remember The Nightwatchman which he did, “That’s my friend a bloody dog!”

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