Record Store Day


In recognition of Record Store Day, here’s me having a moment outside Virgin Records, at the bottom of The Moor, in Sheffield, in 1978. Can’t recall what had happened, but Saturday afternoon record buying was a serious business back then. Maybe they hadn’t got the new Bethnal single in yet, or perhaps they’d just sold out of The Human League’s ‘Being Boiled’..

When it first opened in 1971, the shop was a bit unnerving for kids, a dark den, with incense sticks on the go, patchouli-oiled up hippies, lounging on bean bags, and prog rockers nodding along to Gong on headphones. By the time this was pic was taken, punks and Indie had edged them out. It looks like here, I had plumped for the eclectic combo of 2-Tone trousers with my old school blazer. Nice. I’m sure there would have been a TRB ‘Power In The Darkness’ badge on the lapel, too..

Note: The posters on the wall for Paul Bower​’s band 2.3, a Sheffield band who I supported a few times. One pub gig I recall, a guitar string bust, and I duly jumped back onstage to improvise a bit until a replacement was hurriedly fitted and tuned. Happy days..

And here’s how they sounded (in tune): 2.3.- All Time Low


One thought on “Record Store Day

  1. My first visit there was in late 1980 on a 6p bus trip from Doncaster with my paper round money. I bought ‘Fascist Groove Thang’ unheard the week it came out and so many other things only heard of in the pages of the NME and unavailable in Fox’s at home. Bought all the good fanzines there. Might have seen some red haired bloke flipping through the racks once or twice in times between him being on the telly. It was never the same when it upped sticks and moved to Fargate and reopened in red and yellow plastic. It’s places like that Virgin at that time that mean record shops to me.

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