Going Back to Your Routes..

Can you help me out? I’m trying to think of a word or phrase that means, when someone has done a job so well that the skill involved isn’t obvious or apparent; when you’ve done your job too well. If you think of one, i’ll tell you when to insert it..

So I was walking down Regent St today when I saw a bunch of people, tourists I presumed, taking photos and crowding around a bus stop. Who could they be snapping? Surely no A-Lister would be standing around waiting for a bus, unless they had banged their head and damaged the part of the brain that controls media-training memory. Or maybe it’s the latest evictee from Big Brother enjoying their brief ability to turn heads. As I got nearer it seemed like the tourists were taking photos of each other at the bus stop. Curiouser and curiouser, I stopped to nosey. Then I realised what was occurring. It was a bus stop made of Lego. Full-sized and grey, and not really looking like Lego, rather just like a real, ordinary bus stop.  So, were it not for the sign saying –Lego Bus Stop – you would just walk past it, (or wait for a bus at it)  because (get ready), this was obviously was a clear case of someone doing their job a bit too well, or to put it another way – Ok, insert your word now!

I realised then that there were more people lining Regent street, holding aloft their phones, and not in the direction of the giant toy bus stop either. That’s when I glanced up and all became clear. I had only gone and stumbled upon – A Cavalcade of Buses – hadn’t I? Did you know it was Year of The Bus? No, me neither. But it is, and what was about to come trundling down Regent St was a procession of vintage London Buses, from the 1950’s to present day. My hand went instinctively into my pocket to take out my phone. I’ve never been a bus enthusiast myself but my late brother-in-law was. And for years, whenever I was travelling around, whether it be to Dubai or Dublin, Brazil or Bradford, Eric would remind me, not to forget to take some pics of the local buses for him. And it was that reflex that kicked in when these, rather splendid, it has to be said, vintage public transport vehicles began rolling by. There’s something safe and comforting about bus enthusiasts I thought, picturing my much loved late brother-in-law, whose traits were exactly those. Except those ones that keep bodies under the floorboards, I thought, recalling a bus fanatic neighbour I once had, who I was never sure about..

The next 20 minutes or so were a nice little diversion, as several real life, Dinky Toy-like vehicles evoked variously, the days of Ealing Comedies, scenes from Dixon of Dock Green and the ghostly echoes of the phwoarring of Stan and Jack, at a busty clippie, much to the Ire of their Inspector, Blakey from On The Buses.  My bro-in-law would have loved this, I thought..

I was brought back to the here and now when a gentlemen by my side, a foreign tourist I guessed, said to me, ”What is happening here?’ It’s eh..a cavalcade of buses, I replied, pointing up at the banner strung across Regent St. He cocked his head and looked quizzical. It’s the Year of The Bus, I tried. Nothing. He said something I didn’t understand and looked even more puzzled. I thought for a second, hang on, I wonder if i’m being secretly filmed for some ghastly new xenophobic hidden camera show. U’ve Been Kipped, or something. I tried again. It’s a celebration of buses from different..times. The man nodded and said. ”Is it a strike?”. I struggled to find the right words, much as I did at the beginning of this blog. No, it’s..um..a..cavalcade. The man blinked uncomprehendingly, and I took another photo..





3 thoughts on “Going Back to Your Routes..

  1. I’m not sure that there is a word for doing a job so well that it goes unnoticed. I think it’s called “doing the job”. So I can’t insert a word.

    Nevertheless, I like your story. Happenstance is a good word for fun stuff.

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