First Crow and then Benn, different backgrounds, but then
Both socialist men, to their cores
A week is a long time in politics
When you lose two ‘Dinosaurs’.

Maggie’s Milk-fed brats and their ilk, said that
They ”admired how they fought for their cause”
They always despised them, but now eulogise them
Whilst calling them Dinosaurs.

But I had an idea. Into Miliband’s ear
Whispered, If this works, the Big Job could be yours
Might be your only chance, now that Labour is pants
And has lost all it’s teeth and it’s claws.

Ed looked askance at the mention of pants
I said, Stay with me here, I’ve got more
It’s a long shot, no doubt, but please hear me out
Cos I think this may well drop your jaw.

I told Ed my vision, expecting derision
After all, it’s a bit of a lark.
But imagine, if the science existed, to create –
A Jurassic Fair Society Park!

If we just could just find a way, to extract DNA
From the bones of the lefties of Yore:
We would have them all back, in one place at one time!
Think on that. My god, what a roar!

I can picture it now, the Grand Opening, Wow!
To the strains of B. Bragg’s guitar
”The great leap backwards is here at last,

Oh em gee!
There’s Bevan and Atlee!
Ramsay Macdonald as well
Back from the Ice-age of discontent
That consigned all their values to hell.

To the distant sound of Ned Ludd crashing round
Vic Feather debates Jimmy Reid
Robert Owen and William Morris
Are napping after their feed.

A Tolpuddle Martyr waves The People’s Charter
At Mo Mowlam who’s having a laugh
Keir Hardie and Pankhurst are cuddling
John Smith is enjoying a bath.

Look on the ground, there,
Bernie Grant’s beard hair
And that’s Michael Foot’s-print, i’m sure
And whose are those pipe droppings, Wilson’s or Benn’s?
In the real world, I heard Ed guffaw.

That’s right, go on, laugh, I said, Well may you scoff
But you’re not sick, unemployed, old or poor
It’s time to shit, or get off the pot;
To find your ‘Inner Dinosaur’

When The Mail had a go, at your lineage, whoa,
That must have cut deep, made you mad.
Now imagine the scene,
‘Ed’s Election 15.
This time he’s bringing his dad!’

Oh I know it’s all folly, and I sound, off my trolley
But really, these MPs today
Could not hold a light to the fight and the bite
Of their forerunners back in the day.

So it’s been a bad week, but hey ho, c’est la vie
Life goes on, no point sitting around and just wishing
First Crow and then Benn, both socialist men
That’s two more of our Dinosaurs missing..



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