11 Internet Photo Memes We’d Like To See…


You can’t go on Twitter or FB these days without seeing several, Awkward looking this, Creepy looking that, Gawky looking the other, sets of photos for us to click on and smirk at. Pretty hard not to look tbh,  and when you finish one set, there’s often a link to another list. Oh, go on then.. So there’s no end to em, it seems, but just in case they ever do run out of ideas, here are –

11  More of Those Internet Photo Memes We’d Like To See…   

Polish Couples on Blind Dates at the Circus

Asian Vegetables that strongly resemble Tracey Ullman

Miserable Family Holiday Snaps from the 60s, recreated using Lego

Russian Department Store Santas, with kids who appear to be levitating, just above their laps

Photo-Bombed X-Rays

Vintage Adverts For products that were, at some point, used by murderers to subdue and/or kill their victims

Pet Reptiles in Doll’s Houses, wearing Bandanas

Baffling photos that seem impossible until you squint at them from a distance, then look away and then quickly look back

Sandwiches made by people with no real appetite

Film Background Artists with terrible postures

Victorian Portrait Photographs of people who’ve died on the toilet, then been dressed in their best clothes and put back again


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