The most AMAZING Link ever!

We’re all link junkies on here. We love to share links. It’s what we do.


Ever hopeful, we click on and become, by turns, amused, disappointed, delighted, apalled etc. We take the rough with the smooth. And if we don’t like one link, there will be another one along very soon. No biggie.
The other day I clicked on, what I had been assured was a link to:


 The most AMAZING thing ever! 

It wasn’t amazing. It was instantly forgettable. But we must be hopeful.
For it is surely only a matter of time before someone really does post a link to, The most AMAZING thing ever!


 We will click on it and nothing will ever be the same again. 

We will gaze at the content in awe, like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, when he opens the brief case and says to Samuel L. Jackson, ‘Yeah, we happy’
We will fall to the ground, intoxicated and enraptured, tearing the clothes from ourselves and our partners, overcome by the need to make love, like at the end of Perfume..
Such will be it’s impact.
There will be no more need of Twitter or Facebook, as there will be no point. For we will have been given the ultimate, the most amazing link ever!


 It will happen eventually. It has to. For all things must pass.


 But until then:

Offer a Twitpic; a Soundcloud; some Fanfic
Send me some Breaking News
You post ‘A Piglet that thinks it’s a cat’
And i’ll post some ‘Misspelt Tattoos’
Spotify, Storify, Pod-Cast me up
Send us some Audio Boos
I’ll send ‘A Piglet that thinks it’s a cat’
You post some ‘Misspelt Tattoos’

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