Things To Do In Northolt When You’re Dead..

There are some pretty good Christmas lights around London. The ones in the centre, in Oxford Street and Piccadilly, are, as you might expect, the biggest and brightest.Then, as you radiate outward into the less touristy areas, the sparkle tends to become somewhat less ambitious as, I suppose, the councils can’t justify spending too much on extra cheer if it’s only for the locals, who’ll spend their money there anyway, Christmas or no. And then there’s Northolt.
A few stops on the tube from where I live in Ealing, Northolt is one of the ‘least likely to attract tourists’ areas you could imagine. And their decorations, well, the ones I saw anyway, reflect that. I was there breifly the other day, on a freezing grey morning, feeling really tired and ill. As I emerged from the station, I was momentarily appalled by the token nod toward seasonal illumination. Basically some tiny white bulbs wrapped a round a black lamp post.
But then it made me smile. At least they did that. And hell, it’s gonna be overcast and cold for some time yet, according to the met, so i’m celebrating the Capital’s grey anatomy. I’ve always liked the colour anyway. Probably a legacy of my industrial past.
So, as a Northerner, it pleases me greatly to report that sometimes it can also be grim down south.. 

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 22:14:27 +0000



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