As far as the Icon see, 2 – St Paul’s Cathedral & The Millenium Bridge

A few weeks ago, I took some photos of Tower Bridge, As far as the Icon, see..  and it got me to wondering why I’ve pretty much always avoided taking pictures of London tourist attractions and monuments, preferring instead to go foraging (photoraging?) down backstreets, tube stations and in parks. Obviously it’s the possibility of coming across a more interesting find, because these touristy ‘big hitters’ tend to lose their allure, being over-exposed. But, just like when you take you start taking your loved ones for granted, sometimes it’s good to take a step back, cock your head to the side and look at them again in a new light..
There is another reason I don’t hang around tourist spots. Tourists. Not all, obviously, just the ones who behave like jerks.
Take the other day near St Paul’s Cathedral. I’d found a metal frame that I thought might be interesting to take a couple of shots through. I’d only taken 4 or 5 snaps when a voice, quite loud went ‘Excuse me’! in my ear, as if I was in the way. So I naturally stepped to the side thinking this guy wanted to get past. But no, when I moved he just went and stood in my spot and started taking photos through this same frame. Arse! He had a couple of unfeasibly large cameras around his neck which seemed to look down their lenses at my humble mobile phone cam. Even his equipment was rude! When he’d done, he walked off without a word, leaving me tutting, well swearing actually, under my breath. I then resumed my position. But it got worse..
Seconds later, a man, with wife and kids in tow, marched up, dispensed with even the basic ‘excuse me’ and literally barged me out of the way. He stood, peering through this frame, obviously wanting to see what I found so interesting. At this point I could tell you what nationality he was, but being non-racist I wouldn’t do that and in any case it would be unnecessary and unimportant.
‘Zo’ he bellowed, ‘Vat iss so good about ziss zen’? I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me, his family or himself. He moved his head around a little, unimpressed. ‘No’! he barked. Nothing else. Just ‘No’!  And with that turned on his heel, as if offended that I had wasted his time by daring to draw his attention to my pitiful viewpoint, and walked away. Never so much as looked me in the eye. Rude fucker. His missus did give me a sort of apologetic half smile but I didn’t return it. I was just shaking my head in disbelief.
As I walked off and over the bridge, I glanced back, thinking, I’ll be he’s a riot on the open-topped bus tour..


One thought on “As far as the Icon see, 2 – St Paul’s Cathedral & The Millenium Bridge

  1. Mark – I like your photos, you know that – and would be equally peed off at such rudeness – but, as a counter balance…I had a wonderful experience walking back from the Comedy boat, along embankment and over Westminster bridge at Midnight Saturday a fortnight ago…tourists were appearing like the airport couples in ‘Love Actually’ – and I saw a lot of kindness and welcoming from us Brits too…joined in and had a good laugh in fact.Just wanted to say there are rude shits in every crowd. but I was so pleasantly surprised to be in the heart of tourist London feeling good vibes off 98% – I live in the country because, in general, I find London too noisy, smelly, depressed and over crowded…

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