A Leaf Less Ordinary 2: The Armistice

I didn’t know this until today, but, apparently, one of the top 5 weather events of the 20th centrury was the American Mid-West Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940. Well I never. So as Autumn clings on to what little seasonal hold it has left, it also got a bit blowy here in the UK on last week’s Armistice Day. Not up to 1940 standards, I grant you,  but enough to do some damage. During the gale, whilst I was in Greenwich, outside the O2 Arena, a tree as big as a house was blown down, demolishing a wall and crushing a car bonnet – feet from my front door! I like to think that I was spared from any untimely accidents because of my recent dedication to preserving the humble leaf, in all it’s beautiful forms, for posterity. Call it Karma.. And then call a car mechanic..
The wind no doubt fanned the flames of this year’s  Armistice controversy when the day was marred by protesters burning poppies, little green leaf and all, in protest at British Army Bases in Afghanistan. Two minutes Violence, you might say..
They Come Transfigured back – a Remembrance Sunday photoblog from last year, if you fancy a gander.
And here’s the first, A Leaf Less Ordinary  http://hurstm.posterous.com/a-leaf-less-ordinary



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