A Leaf Less Ordinary

Which do you prefer? Autumn or Fall?
I’m divided. I like Autumn immensely, both as a word and as a season. Autumn and the even more pleasing to say, cos that little silent n comes right into it’s own, Autumnal.It reminds me of Mr Tumnus.And sharing buttered toast with a friendly fawn has got to be a good thing.
Fall, I wrongly assumed for some time, was a bit of Lay-z American slang. But no, the North Americans saved it when we Brits stopped using it in the 17th century. And, of course, it’s also the monicker of those darlings of the British post punk scene. That reminds me of John Peel. Which again, is always a good thing.
The only thing with Fall is, it doesn’t adjectivise well, does it? Wintery, Summery, Springlike and eh..Fally..no..Fallal..Fallic.see..
Anyways, here’s some leaves and things.



One thought on “A Leaf Less Ordinary

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love them. 4 is my favorite! Autumn’s wonderful, wish it didn’t lead to winter, though, but thus is nature.

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