As far as the Icon, see..

I’m not usually that taken with obvious tourist attraction-type places but the other day I was in the vicinity so thought i’d have a look at the darling of the Capital’s sights-to-see and subject of many a vacationer’s snappery, Tower Bridge.
Can’t say i’d paid too much attention to it on the occasional times i’d been there with friends or family and I’d always felt rather distracted whilst they took their souvenir photos.
But this time I thought i’d  have a look-see what there was about it that attracts so many people. Well, not sure that I did that, but I greatly enjoyed pottering around and finding some perspectives that were pleasing to me, at least. The weather that day was typical changeable London, a fickle sky with blazing sunshine on one side, but turn your head slightly and it was all dense grey..with some fluffy white clouds dotted around for decoration. But I quite liked that.
So I’ve now met the doyenne of London’s Tourist spots and am happy to say, I was indeed attracted, in my own way. 
Hmm..maybe there’s more to this London Icon malarkey than I thought. I wonder..


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