I had to go to Euston today. It’s probably the rubbishest looking of  the London rail stations. If St. Pancras, up the road is a Goth, Euston’s a Chav. Not much worth looking at in the station itself although I was quite taken with the ceiling of the ticket office (Photo 1) Mmm,egg boxy The concourse is all one legged pigeons and skateboarders.But not one-legged skateboarders. Around the station, the office block grime and grey challenges you to appreciate it’s resolute bleakness.I once went to East Berlin before the wall came down. It reminded me of that.(Photo 2) As I was leaving, a man asked me if there was Bookie’s around there. Which must say something about me….

A stones throw from the station is the Wellcome Museum of Medical Curiosities.I like this place. (Photo3)  I’ve been a few times. There’s lots of grim interesting stuff like antique anti-masturabtion rings, death masks  and an old Birthing Chair. Looking at the artifiical legs,I felt for the pigeons up the road. There’s some uncredited paintings, I particularly like the one of an underground French WW1 hospital. More grey. I listened to an Audio clip of comic Jim Sweeney, who has MS, talking about getting his first walking stick. Funny. I was also drawn to some red exhibit cabinets.(Photo 4). Would have stayed longer but my back was killing me.

On the train home, a lady opposite me opened a box of Laughing Cow Cheesespreads, looked over them like they were chocolates, chose one and ate it. I swear to god she closed her eyes as she bit into it. Now I’m no connossieur but I think of Laughing Cow as the Euston Station of Cheesespreads to Dairylea’s St.Pancras. I may be wrong.

But do go to the Wellcome Museum if you get the chance. It’s all free and they’ve got a chastity belt and everthing. And if you fancy a bet when you come out, there’s William Hill on the station concourse…

Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 00:14:23 +0000

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One thought on “Euston

  1. I know what you mean about seeing other things in objects/things. I used to be the slowest child to eat jelly as I was too busy looking at the underground worlds/caves in the jelly! And I used to see (still do) lost islands surrounded by sea up in the clouds at sunset. I’m not a weirdo honest. I hope you get better. Was a big fan back in the day (Red Wedge etc). Ex-punk and all that. WOuld be nice to see you perform/write again.Toodlepip.

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